The GENEKOTECH Inc. was established in 2000 for providing the most accurate and strict confidential genetic profiles using valuable DNA markers. The Genetics Lab of GENEKOTECH Inc. is part of the Department of Biological Sciences, Dankook University in Korea.
Our Lab is dedicated to excellence in service and technology:
  • Paternity & Parentage testing
  • Forensic & DNA identity testing
  • DNA work services (PCR/Cloning/Sequencing)

The staff at GENEKOTECH Inc. is highly experienced at providing paternity testing services and in the fields of human molecular genetics. Based on our results of DNA profiling in Koreans, the probability of paternity (power of discrimination: PD) is always greater than 99.99%. We also participate in "the DNA identity testing survey based on Y-chromosome STR markers", which is sponsored by the National Institute of Scientific Investigation of Korea.